Solar panel installation proposal.


This week we completed a solar panel installation at Lawson Close, Swanwick, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 7DJ.

The client various contractors come a round to quote for fitting solar panels on their garage flat roof, it was only us that suggested, why not fit on your roof for maximum generation.

Solar panel proposal layout, Southampton, Hampshire.

Why did the other contractors not suggest this? Scaffold needed? Additional time spent on the project? More hassle?


At Starks Electrical we look at every project individually and look at it as if it was our own home and with the annual consumption, we then tailor a proposal to suit your needs!


We had suggested to install solar panels on both East and West elevations to really get the best potential of solar generation from the sun.

The system we uniquely designed was a 4.8kW generation using:-Giv-energy battery and inverter installation, Southampton, Hampshire.

  • 400w JA Solar panels.

  • 3.6kW Giv-energy inverter with a 12 year warranty.

  • 5.2kWh Giv-energy battery with a 12 year warranty.

  • Bird proofing installed as standard.


We were really pleased to send this proposal to our client with the excellent return on investment as predicted below.

  • Savings of £1,324.00 per year.

  • Net Savings of £37,818.00.

  • Pay back period 6 years and 11 months.


Our experienced Solar Electrician and roofer had completed the installation on Tuesday the 14th November, I personally attended the project on the 15th November to conduct a site audit and MCS handover pack, whilst answering any questions and going through all the app settings with client. I will regularly monitor this solar pv installation just as I do with all our completed projects.


We are also on hand to conduct solar pv maintenance if and when you need us, unlike most contractors are only interested in installations and then will not get back to you.


At Starks Electrical we believe we offer a stress free experience, making you life as easy as possible. From design all the way through to completion. We always have staff on the end of the phone to answer any question you may have.


If you would like to know more information regarding solar PV installations please do not hesitate to ask, we will be more than happy to answer them.


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