All You Need to Know Before Getting a Solar Panel Installation

Are you looking to go solar? If yes, we appreciate your decision and are here to help you get a smooth solar panel installation experience. 

Do you know that in 2023, there are more than 1.3 million solar panel installations in the UK? This statistics shows an increase of 6.7% in the country’s total solar capacity since 2022. 

Solar panels are environmentally friendly and help you save lots of money in the long run, resulting in their high demand. Besides, they don't ask for much attention. We would advise to have only one yearly professional check to make them perform efficiently for the long run, ensure all connections are tight and maximize performance.

However, before you get these life-changing panels installed, you must look into a few considerations for a successful procedure. 

This is imperative to stay safe from scams or a decision you may regret later. 

Considerations Before Getting a Solar Panel Installation

Investing in solar power panels can help you generate electricity without impacting the environment. Besides, the incredible advancements in this technology, such as increased capacity and decreased costs have helped many afford this cost-effective solution for all essential electricity needs. 

Here are some quick questions to ask yourself before you contact an electrician for a solar panel installation

Is Your Roof Ideal for Solar Panels?

For solar panels to perform as well as expected, your roof should be located in an area with wide sunlight coverage. Moreover, it should be well-constructed without any obstruction to increase the reception of solar radiation. 

You must also check if your roof has the desired inclination to allow your solar pv to operate optimally. 

What Is the Energy Requirement of Your Property? 

Before you approach a company for solar panel installation, ensure that you are aware of your property’s energy requirements. Do you want your property partially or completely disconnected from your main grid?

Do a detailed energy audit by calculating your daily, monthly, and yearly patterns of energy consumption. This is one of the best ways to decide the panel size that will best suit you. The easiest way to find this is on your electric bill, it will show your monthly usuage and estimated annual usuage shown in Kwh.

For instance, in most cases, for a UK home with over five people, a 6kW solar panel system might be best suited. Similarly, if you are a family of three or four members, you may find a 4kW system substantial for your needs.

What Is Your Budget?

Suppose you want to install solar panels for your entire house. In that case, you must have a budget in mind to ensure a successful installation. 

For example, the average cost of an off-grid solar system may range from £4,800 to £ 57,000, depending on its size and capacity. 

Would you like to add battery storage, adding a battery is often a great option specially with solar generation through the winter. With an energy provider like Octopus, they have special tariffs available to you where you can fully charge your battery or Electric Vehicle (Octopus GO, Octopus Agile) at just 7 pence per Kwh* (please note tariff prices will fluctuate). This really brings your payback period down and enhances your ROI

Have You Considered the Local Regulations?

While your installer may already be aware of the regulations related to solar panel installation, it is always a good idea to educate yourself before planning your next move. 

For instance, there are certain rules in the UK that must be followed when installing panels on the roof. The solar array must not exceed your roof’s highest point, there must also be space around the panels and roof edge to allow for what is call uplift, from wind.

Ensure to know about all the regulations or ask your local solar PV installers in detail to avoid any fines. 

Have You Picked the Right Installer for Solar Panel Installation?

Now, this is tricky as all installers may sell themselves as one of the best experts in town for solar panel installation. However, the truth might be absolutely different. 

To avoid mishaps, make sure you do homework before approaching an electrician for the job

It is always a wise idea to work with experts who have at least three years of experience in installing solar panels. Make sure that they have answers to all your questions, such as the panel modules they use, the number of solar systems installed, and the coverage under warranties available. 

When picking the right expert for the job, evaluate their reputations before giving a thumbs up. You can read online testimonials on their official website or contact previous clients for better clarity.  

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Additionally, you can ask friends and neighbours to suggest the best solar panel installer in areas near you. Such direct feedback and recommendations are usually pretty helpful.

Since different installers have specific rates for the same job, it is wise to take quotes from multiple contractors and compare them. The experienced ones would look at your property, ask about your needs, and then prepare a proposal to meet your requirements. 

Are You Prepared for Panel Maintenance and Monitoring?

The good thing about solar panels is that they need minimum maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean that you can let them be on their own without any monitoring

You will have to check their performance regularly to see if they are working as expected. You might also find the need to call an expert once a year to evaluate their output. 

Many solar systems come with monitoring tools, such as a solar monitor. These might make it easy to measure energy productions. 

If you need Solar Pv maintenace, contact us to see how we can help you!

Are the Warranties Good Enough?

Make sure that you review all the warranties provided by the installer and your solar panel manufacturer. You must know the expected lifespan of your panels and the coverage available in case of any malfunction. 


Raise your hands if you are excited about getting your first solar panel installation in Bournemouth, Dorset, Wiltshire and surrounding areas, that would change your life for good. Since solar energy is green and doesn't produce harmful pollutants or carbon dioxide, it is a good option for us if we care about the environment.  

But make sure to give this decision ample time and thought so you reap great benefits. Above all, approach the right expert for the job to make the project successful. 



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