Do you need a domestic electrician to carry out your house rewiring?

Starks Electrical are based in Ringwood serving throughout Ferndown, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Fordingbridge.

We cover parts of 3 counties (Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire).

We respect your home, although this can be a big messy job, we tidy as we go as much as possible. We will even get professional cleaners in once we are complete so your house is dust free.

We would normally organise a house rewire when your are able to go on holiday for a week. This saves massive costs, and can potentially half your quote compared to a lived in house rewire.

When previously working in a lived in rewire it would take a minimum of 2 hours in the morning to get all the tools in, lift all the floor boards up, dis-connect circuits we may have temporary left on for you.

Then near the end of the day we have another minimum of 2 hours to pack up all our tools, put floor boards back down, connect up temporary circuits again so you have lighting and power.

So effectively in a 8 hour day this soon becomes 4 hours working day.

What is the best way to tackle a house rewire?

From my experience whilst doing electrical house rewiring, i would suggest you to rent a container, move all furniture and carpets etc into the container.

We can do this for you via removal men, we can even organise painters and decorators for you.

We can organise the whole process for you if you would like to. You would not have to lift a finger, go on holiday, relax come back home like no one has been in your home!

So if you need an electrician to rewire your house call Russell today on 01425 460419.

You will be able to tell all your friends and family about "my trusted local electrician" and "they are the best electricians near me".