Will LED Lighting Save me Money?

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LED Lighting Could save you a nice fortune in more way than one!

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Lets look at down lights.

The old halogen type will normally have 50 watt bulbs in each down lights. Lets say you have 10 down lights in your kitchen. That is a massive 500 watts.

With halogen bulbs, most of the power used is wasted in heat.


Now lets change that to LED down lights, that are only 5 watts with a similar lighting output, 10 down lights that would be 50 watts in total.

So you can have 10 LED down lights per 1 halogen down light.


collingwood halers down light

Not are they only cost effective for lower consumption but they also do not require the bulbs to be replaced every 5 minutes. Most LED down lights with come with a warranty of at least 2 years if not 5 years.

This can save masses of maintenance costs further down the line.

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