Can i replace a plug socket?

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Can I Replace Electrical accessories myself?

The short answer is yes, yes you can!
But in the eyes of the law you must be “competent”, you could also have issues with you insurance company and void your current electrical certificate.

How to replace a plug socket

However if you are competent you must ensure that all connections are tight, copper is a soft metal so it is so important not to also over tighten the terminations.

The earth cable is the most important core!
If a live or neutral is missing the accessory just won’t work, but the earth is for safety and if the earth is not connected you will not know unless you have tested the circuit properly!

This scenario applies to replacing all accessories like plug sockets, light switches and lighting fixtures.

If you need more information or would like us to quote for replacement of accessories please feel free to send us an email. Starks Electrical are based in Ringwood serving thought out Ringwood, Ferndown and Bournemouth including nearby areas.

This Is a relatively cheap job providing the back boxes are deep enough for metal flat plate accessories!


Here is a video on you to terminate a double socket!