When did you give your Home its last Electrical MOT?

Peace of mind about for just £9.99+VAT per month!

Safe Electrics in your Home for just £9.99+VAT!

As one of our valued customers we would like to introduce you to an important new service that is available today.

Your home is your most valuable possession, but unlike a car it doesn’t have a regular “MOT”. The electrics in your home are a vital part of keeping your family safe.  Electrical faults can occur at any time within a home which hasn’t been regularly inspected, and it is our aim to ensure that you know the electrical health of your property.  Your peace of mind is our goal!

The ICEE (In Case of Electrical Emergency) Plan covers your property for a minimum 12 month period. For just £9.99+VAT per month you have complete peace of mind that the electrics in your property are safe and sound.

The ICEE includes 4 vital steps in maintaining the electrical health of your property:

  • Your property will be inspected by one of our fully qualified electricians.
  • Repair of accidental damage to the electrical wiring inside your Home.
  • Repair of accidental damage, if caused by you, to your light switches, sockets or local isolators.

In addition to this the Plan also includes the benefit of:

  • A full Domestic Inspection after 5 years of membership
  • You have access to a priority response in the event of an electrical emergency, we will respond within 10 hours of your call! (dependant on plan)
  • If any standard fittings need replacing the plan will include parts and labour.
  • You will receive a 10% discount on any electrical installation works that you book with us.


We feel that the ICEE Plan is a valuable addition to your household maintenance, saving you ££’s in the long run! To start the plan all you need to invest is an initial £65+VAT registration and then just the small monthly figure of just £9.99+VAT!

If you require any further information or you would like to take the plan today please contact us on 01425 460419 or email us on enquiries@starkselectrical.co.uk

We hope to hear from you soon.


Ps. Can you really afford not to give your Home an Electrical MOT? Call 01425 460 419 Today!

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