Battery storage and Solar PV installation

Energize Your Savings: Starks Electrical VAT-Free Battery Installation at £3450!


Welcome to Starks Electrical, where sustainability meets affordability! We're excited to share a game-changing offer with you – our VAT-free Battery Installation at an unbeatable price of £3450. Discover how this investment not only empowers your home with reliable energy storage but also translates into substantial savings, with a quick payback period of 3-5 years. Let's dive into the details of how we can transform your energy landscape and put money back into your pocket.

Unpacking the Power of Battery Storage Say goodbye to energy worries with our cutting-edge Battery Storage solution. By capturing and storing excess energy, you gain the freedom to use it when you need it most, reducing reliance on the grid and ensuring a constant power supply.

VAT-Free Advantage, We believe in making sustainable living accessible to all. That's why our Battery Installation comes with a VAT-free tag, making it even more affordable for you to transition to cleaner and more cost-effective energy solutions.

Your Wallet Will Thank You Beyond the initial investment, our Battery Storage solution is designed to put money back in your pocket. Experience annual savings that can amount to hundreds of pounds, thanks to smart energy management and reduced reliance on traditional power sources.

Quick Payback, Long-Term Gains We understand the importance of seeing a return on your investment. With our Battery Storage installations, many customers experience payback within 3 years, ensuring that your initial investment turns into long-term savings.

Charging Up for Success at 7.5p per kWh One of the standout features of our Battery Storage solution is the ability to charge it up during off-peak hours, at a mere 7.5p per kWh. This strategic charging approach not only maximizes savings but also accelerates the payback period, making your investment work smarter for you.

Starks Electrical is committed to providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions that empower you to take control of your energy future. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity – our VAT-free Battery Installation at £3450 is your key to substantial savings, energy independence, and a greener tomorrow. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future for your home.


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